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Reasons: Why Babbu Maan Is So Famous: Babbu Maan is one of the most famous singers of Punjabi Music Industry. Babbu Maan had started his singing career in the 1990s with his first music album Saun Di Jhadi. Babbu Maan got lots of attraction of the audience with his first-ever music album.

Why Baabu Maan Is So famous - Gedi Route New Punjabi Song
Babbu Maan

Nowadays, the trend of Punjabi music is changing from traditional to Beat songs. Many singers prefer songs with beat music but Babbu Maan is doing a different job, as he is making his songs with a traditional type of music and his outstanding lyrics.

Babbu Maan is a very famous singer in Punjab and all over the world. He has a large base of fan following from different parts of the world. There are a number of die-hard fans of Babbu Maan.

In this article, I am going to tell reasons for the widespread name of Babbu Maan and why he is so famous among his fans. So let's begin. Grab your cup of tea and enjoy the article.

Reasons: Why Babbu Maan Is So Famous

Reason 1: Outstanding Vocal

Babbu Maan is the owner of a beautiful and melody voice. His voice is very sweet and everyone is a die-hard fan of his vocal. Nowadays many singers use autotune to fix their voice, but Babbu Maan has never used autotune. He has a god gifted melody voice.

Reason 2: Live Performance

Babbu Maan is the greatest singer when we talked about live shows. He is also known as 'the king of live shows.' He has also a record of 4.8 million of the audience in a live show. No other Punjabi singer has come near to this record. He had made this record in Dirba village of Punjab.

Reason 3: Loyal Nature

Babbu Maan is also known for his loyal and good nature towards his fans. He called them his God. Babbu Maan always shows respect to his fans. He had also made a song for his fans. Because of this kind and loyal nature he has an unbeatable fan following.

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None of the other singers has this type of fan following. I am also a big fan of Babbu Maan. I personally like his way of singing and his vocal.

Reason 4: Respect For Mother Tongue Punjabi

Not like many other Punjabi singers, Babbu Maan has always given respect to our mother tongue Punjabi. Babbu Maan is also the only Punjabi singer who won 4 world music awards. He had also sung songs in respect of mother tongue like Punjabi bolni paini ae. 

Moreover, when he gives an interview to a Hindi channel, he used to speak Punjabi instead of Hindi. In this way, Babbu Maan is making Punjabi language superior.

Reason 5: Serving Poor

Babbu Maan is also serving humanity by helping poor people in many ways like giving them education, providing money for health treatment and many other ways. I agree that other singers are also serving humanity, but the best thing about Babbu Maan is he never exposes his work of serving poor. 

He also serves poor from the income of his store The Babbu Maan store.

Reason6: Speaking Truth

Babbu Maan is one of those artists, who used to speak the truth in front of the audience. He used to speak the truth about social causes, poverty, unemployment and bad situations of Punjab.

Baba Nanak was the song of Babbu Maan which was remained in controversy for more than a month. In that song Babbu Maan sung about the Sikh Parcharaks who used to make money behind the name of God.

Reason 7: Die-Hard Fan Following

Babbu Maan is the only Punjabi singer who has a die-hard fan following from the last 15 years. No, any other singer can compete him in fan following. His fans made tattoos on their arms. Moreover, the pictures of Babbu Maan are widely popular in other states also like Haryana and Rajasthan.

Elly Mangat (Punjabi Singer) also made tatoo of Babbu Maan on his arm. Many other singers are also fans of Babbu Maan. They show respect to the great living legend Babbu Maan.


So these are the reasons behind the famousness of Babbu Maan. If you are also a fan of Babbu Maan then comment ' I Love Babbu Maan.' If you like our article then please share with your friends. Thank You

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